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Pre- season Report 13/03/18

Clarity Secchi Disk: 3m Water Temp 6ft 2C

Well the new season is almost upon us and this winter has been a little different – not really conducive to fishing like last winter. The colder temperatures that were predicted in October 2017 by the met office and other meteorologists - due to the change in the southern pacific water currents (La Nina), last observed in 2009/10 and 2010/11 did indeed occur and we have had few trout fly fishing boats out though the depths of the winter as a consequence. After some exceptionally mild winters hopefully this colder winter will delay algal growth. When the occasional boat did manage out there were some good catches with boobie and lure. One individual did well on the airflo competitor line (di3/di5) in Gateside Bay but the best recent catch was on buzzers (about 5 or 6 weeks ago) at Lochend before the cold snap.  Temperatures have risen in the last few days increasing the 6ft water temperature to numbing 2 C. The strong and cold easterly forecast for Saturday means the shelter of the eastern shores will be a must with the west side being possibly out of bounds (depending on the forecast). The chirominids were on the water on Sunday and Monday and the trout have been rising.
Pike angling by the general public on the fly was also curtailed by the colder temperatures with a few stalwarts braving the colder conditions and reporting that the fish were lying deep – a useful predatory avoidance technique when you are stupefied by lower water temperatures at the surface hovering between 0 and 1 C. PAAS anglers were out on Saturday 10th and had on eof their colder and less productive visits. Stuart Sutherland’s boy (10 year old Harris) took this stunning photo (left) in February – trout don’t get more perfect or pictures better composed..

On Monday we stocked with 1200 rainbow trout of around 1.9lbs mean weight. These fish were bigger than usual going into the winter which is lucky as there have been few mild spells where they could put on weight.













Connor Shearer from Aberfoyle (pictured left) started work with us last week. We wish him lots of luck and fun in his new job.

Catching keeps getting better! Catch Stats for 2017: The average 8hr 2-man boat caught 6.7 fish for 17.2lbs (av.weight 2.5lbs). 73% of fish caught were released.

Cormorant numbers have been increasing over the last few years and this has corresponded with a decline in recovery of fish stocked versus fish recorded as removed from the Lake. Last winter we obtained a license to shoot a small number. As part of our application we have to show that we are discouraging the cormorants as much as possible so if you are out in a boat during the season please take the opportunity to scare and disrupt the feeding of the cormorants as much as possible. Hopefully this effort will help keep the numbers of these piscivores from escalating further.




The Menteith Friendly Evening Boat league kicks off  on Wed 9th May. New entrants welcome.

We have a new sponsor FARIO Flies - a business run by well-known angler Michael Low who is giving away 300 flies as prizes (these will be selected by heat winners from the Fario selection in the shop). ANDY SMITH OF SOUTHSIDE DECORATORS is donating a bottle of malt whisky as prizes for the heats. Including the anglers £20 registration fee and fishery contributions of around £400, means the value of prizes remains at around £2000. See web page for more info or register by contacting (call or text) Douglas on 07752128489 or turn up on the night – but a wee bit of warning would be good. The competition kicks off on 9th May and runs till 15th Aug this year (a week later than last year).


Anglers are reminded that there is no charge for setting a jacket off by mistake and never to re-pack under any circumstances.






Sorry you couldn’t all get opening day boats and TIGHT LINES in 2018