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Lake of Menteith 26th June
6ft Water Temperature  16C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.1m.

Proper heat is beginning to build in the water column and clarity is gradually improving as the nutrients get used up by the algae which eventually falls to the bottom.  The Anglian Water Heats and finals have been taking place at the Lake today and half the fleet appeared to be in Gateside Bay, cracking jokes in the flat calm, as I took these pictures of the “pets” that swim outside the pens in Gateside. There are fish there in the high teens…..at least……I think so….




33rd Disabled International Over the two days the 4 teams of 7 weighed in 122 fish for 274lbs and returned 39 fish. The winners were Scotland with 55 fish, second were Ireland with 38 fish, 3rd Wales on 36 and 4th England with 32. Top rod was Bill Barnes from Glenrothes with 4 fish on day 1 and 12 fish on day two. Bill is pictured below exploiting a loop hole in the smoking law by pulling on this water vapour smoke look alike containing nicotine substitute. His day two fish were taken on buzzers and nymphs from reedy Point to the Island. Below: The successful team at the Lake front – and some helpers Wullie and Iain.














In the Scottish Club Championships, sponsored by GROUSE Whisky and ANGLING ACTIVE, 16 three man teams caught 80 fish for 190lbs and returned 70. Top team on the night were Falkirk FD with 19 for 40lbs 9oz. In second place were Strathleven and third place were Brechin. The top bag on the night was Donald Forbes of Strathleven AC who looked me in the eye and told me (and I believe him) that he caught his fish on a midge tip with a cat booby on the Bob, a biscuit booby on the tail and a quill cormorant and green tinsel diawl bach hung out in the middle. More detailed results at www.sanacc.org.uk/2012_heats.html

In the seventh Heat of the BAYNES TACKLE (Callander) Menteith Boat League 20 anglers caught 47 fish. A moderate SE wind was blowing, which as the night progressed got increasingly chillier! Certain boats seemed to fair better than others with the top 4 anglers in two boats, George Whyte of Crieff - 7 fish & James Fairley 5 paired together and Ronnie Robb 7 fish and Mark Stephens 5 fish also out together. George was in first place on the evening catching his first fish at 6:15 and according to him he had his fish on buzzers caught in the Butts. He also had a resident fish which tipped the scales at 6lb 10oz! Full league table on the Menteith web site. Thanks also to secondary sponsor Taste of the Trossach’s Callander. DD

Anglian Water AirFlo International
In the first day heat; Tweed Valley T’Anglers (45 fish), Leven Fly Casters (41), Neilston Flyfishers (40), Change Flyfishers A Team (38) and Grizzle cats (33) progressed at the expense of Butcher Boy (28), Heron FF(28), Heather FF (24) and Perth RASC (25). Best Bag was David Wales who was fishing in the cages with boobies and diawl bachs. The 54 anglers caught 302 fish of which 202 were returned.  In the evening Final Leslie and Glenrothes (27) and Change B (23) qualified for the Finals in England with Menteith Ospreys (22) loosing out by 5oz. Top bag was Ian Guthrie (black buzzers burn mouth). A harder night saw the 60 anglers catching 160 fish of which 93 were weighed in.

Colin Riach sent me this shot of an Orkney brownie with those amazing spots that I remember as a bairn and this amazing big fish took my wee red devil on my first visit to the Teith this year, this morning.