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Fishery Blawg and Report 10th May 2011

Clarity 2.5m Water Temperature at 6ft 13C.
Best areas this week have been Sandy Bay, Roadshore, Gateside – i.e. just about anywhere! Flies  have ranged from buzzers to lures and dries, and lines from DI3s, midge tips to floaters.



National Championship Heat Menteith 5th May
The 57 anglers weighed in 147 fish for 278lbs and returned a further 161. Top rod on the day was John Kaye (pictured in centre) of Stormontfield AC, with 14 fish for 27lbs 15oz. John (“ I could have had more but gave up because of the rain”), was fishing a white cat booby and olive buzzers on a midge tip, initially in Hotel Bay then in the Heronry. 2nd was Derek Barclay (on left) and 3rd Gary McGinley. Both were fishing at Gateside with DB’s and cormorants and blobs and cormorants. Gary who lost 5 at the net did well in his first national competition. The cut off for qualification was 9lbs 3oz. Full results at www.sanacc.org.uk.




Scottish Club Championships
In the first heat of the Scottish Clubs on Saturday night, 12 teams landed 53 fish for 99lbs 14oz. Winners of the heat were last years competition winners Change A with 11 fish for 19lbs 13oz. In 2nd place wedre Dunoon and Dist with 7 fish for 12lbs 14oz. Third were Butcher Boy with 5 fish for 10lbs 10oz. Top rod on the night was Douglas Scott of Earlston with 5 fish for 9lbs 5 oz. Douglas was fishing olive buzzers on the Malling Shore. 2nd top bag Kevin McCabe was fishing dries at Kates Brae. Two teams were disqualified for late finishing. See www.sanacc.org.uk for more details.

Club Catches:
LBPAC 15 boats 118 trout for 230lbs plus 61 returned. Fife Police 4 boats 22 fish 41lbs 16 returned.
Edin Walton 10 boats 50 fish 98lbs 5rtd. Revenue and customs 5 boats 26 fish 51lbs and 6rtd. Dollar AC 4 boats 15 fish 33lbs, KAAC 4 boats 23 fish 45lbs 16 rtd. Pencaitland 10 boats 15 fish 32lbs Rusty Nail 5 boats 23 fish 48lbs 2rtd. Pike Anglers Alliance Scotland had a lure fish event (large spinners, plugs etc only) on evening of Monday 9th. 44 anglers landed 164 pike and the biggest was 13lbs (there were 4 other doubles).  The biggest recorded pike this week was 16lbs, caught by a pike fly angler! EKAC 10 boats 50 fish 96lbs and 10 rtd.

East Kilbride AC is celebrating 50 years old this season with a number of special events., the outing on Sunday at Menteith being the first. Considering Saturday night was spent in the Rob Roy Hotel, they all look in surprisingly good nick !!Winner on the day was Gil Farid, with 5 for 11lb.04oz. plus 1 returned. 2nd. was Simon Cocker with 5 for 10lb.13oz. plus 1 returned. 3rd was Craig McKean with 5 for 9lb.13oz plus 1 returned. Gil won a Trophy donated and presented by Michael Low, and he also won a bottle for the heaviest fish - 3lb.2oz. Best boat on the day was Michael Low and Stuart McLean with 10 for the boat.

Well done to EK for holding together all these years and thanks to Ronnie McKean for letting us know about the birthday.

First session of the Angling Centre Menteith Boat League on Wednesday 11th May.

Still plenty boats available this Saturday - 14th May.
Introduce a mate to the sport and get 50% of your next boat at the Lake (see coaching page on the website).