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Pre Season Report 23/03/11

Clarity 2.5m Water Temperature at 6ft 4.5C.

With the weather turning mild, it feels good to be getting the fishing season under way after a particularly long and quiet (for us) winter. The big news is that a new 20 year lease has finally been agreed for the fishery hut and car park which means that appropriate development plans, including a permit office and integral café, can now proceed.

Over the winter the website has been updated and we have new sections on catch and release, coaching and pike angling. This year we are trying to get new people into angling by way of Group Coaching Taster days. The group will involve a maximum teaching ratio of 6 clients per coach and includes tackle hire, boat hire and angling permit. Expert Tuition will be given in all aspects of the sport; tackle, casting, catching tips (and releasing) and boat handling. There are six courses planned for 2011 but this is subject to demand – see website coaching pages for further details. As an enticement to get your mates involved we are offering a 50% off deal on a day boat to the course candidate’s introducer (can be the candidate if they read about it first). We are also increasing the opportunities for pike fly fishing which will now be available on Monday and Thursday Evenings and by arrangement with the manager, when the fishery is quiet, during the day. Free introductory pike tuition and equipment hire is available (please contact the manager) for your first session. The ice breaking up in early February is pictured below.

ice break up

The ice was with us for 66 days this winter – two or three weeks less than the winter of 2009/2010. It was a bit of surprise when the ice broke up, it was still 4-5 inches thick, but the severe gales at the start of February worked on the open water at the Portend Burn mouth, and the rotten ice gave way, taking a lot of reeds with it (see above). Last winter’s early onset and the particularly cold December meant that growth in the ponds was slower than in last year’s winter.  Thus the initial stock fish weight will be around 1.75lb. There will be a fair number of them and they are excellent looking fish. The browns and some bigger bows will go in on Wednesday 23rd. 1800 fish in total will go in prior to opening day. The Ark well boat is loaded on Tuesday with stock fish in Gateside Bay (below).fish chute

Angling Tactics for the opening day will be to concentrate on the eastern basin from Reedy Point to Lochend. Popular methods will include mini-lures, boobies and buzzers on a variety of lines, probably not fished too deep.

Catch and Release
Catch and release has increased over the years at the Lake and this has improved the sport available to anglers in a sustainable way. With fish becoming scarcer annually, the fishery would like to see this trend continue, and if possible for anglers to adopt (at your discretion) a lower fish kill limit than the fishery maximum. Please refer to our catch and release web page for further information. 

Breakfast, snacks and refreshments will be available from the catering van prior to, and at the end of every day session. See the Food at the fishery web page for menu details.

Our opening day is the 26th March and afterwards anglers are invited to join us for the Chairman’s Dinner at the Forth Inn. Looking forward to catching up. Tight Lines!  Quint Glen

PS Osprey sited two days ago.