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Fishery Blawg and Report 26th April 2011
Clarity 2.9m Water Temperature at 6ft 13C.

Water temperature has increased and clarity has also improved as the water column becomes stratified and nutrient input is no longer replenished from other areas of the water column by mixing. The result is less algal growth and increased clarity. Over the last 2 years clarity has shown a significant improvement at the Lake. The fishery report records show this week’s reading to be the best for this time of year, since the web records begin in 2003.

We have had some great warm and overcast fishing conditions in the past week. Today is the first of our national championship heats. At the start of the competition there was a hesitancy in the fleet before they veered left towards Lochend. There have been a number of reports of good catches on washing line tactics, from the northern and western drifts – as well as in the South East basin. A lot of rising (not sure which species) has been obvious out in the middle of the eastern basin and over the Inchmahome deeps.

Frank Gourlay (Bridge of Weir) caught these two on the same drift on Sunday 24th – both on a size 10 olive buzzer. The pike seem to have just finished spawning at the Lake – considerably later than at Loch Lomond (3-4wks later?). This is presumably a result of the Lake getting colder than the deeper lochs during the winter. Frank and boat Partner Alistair Keir finished with around 22 fish, all on small boobies and buzzers with midge tip lines. Looks like Frank has a small speech bubble escaping  – or it may be a canoe.




Evening fishing commenced this week. This year we are also doing a late day shift on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fancy a shot at fly fishing for pike – now is the time. If you need to hire tackle please give us some advanced notice as our fly pike tackle is limited in number.






CATCHES. Thack AC 6 boats 44 fish 90lbs plus 23 returned, Falkirk Fly 6 boats 54 fish 98lbs and 12 returned. Falkirk Municipal 7 boats 31 fish for 64lbs plus 11 returned. Monifieth 6 boats 45 trout 89lbs and 15 returned. National Youth Team 8 boats 5 fish for 11lbs plus 98 returned.  Stanley 7 boats 30 trout 55lbs plus 9 returned. On the fly pike front anglers are having good sport, one individual had 50 plus on the fly during a day session last week.

Thornhill road closures are now finished (Stirling Council Website is out of date apparently). Rumour has it that work will be starting again at Gartmore in the next week or so. http://www.stirling.gov.uk/index/services/roads/roadclosures.htm

Strange Snaps

Pulled Mussel at Loch Leven.



Huggy sent me this photo of a mussel he caught on a recent trip to Loch Leven. The “Swan” mussel – as identified on the web (Huggy had another name for it) took a nomad lure.









Another photo from my Orkney trip. We happened upon these strange  hollows one day. They are called “noosts” and are hollows dug into the ground to stop your boat being blown away during the winter.




We live a sheltered life at the Lake.












Plenty boats available on Saturday 14th May due to a cancellation.

Flies can now be purchased at the Lake.