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Weekly Report 7th June 2010                

Clarity 2.7m Water Temperature at 6ft 16.0C.
Food Van times at the Fishery this week; Every Morning (except Sunday) and also Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Nights. Next week due to the Anglian Water AirFlow Team Challenge the Food Van will be present additionally on evenings of Mon 14th, Tues 15th and Thurs 17th . For lunch, sandwiches etc (collected in morning) email dsport@sky.com or tel 07725747196.

phantom midgeThe fishing has been centred on the western basin in the last week although there was also some success in the Butts, Kates Brae and the points. Water temperatures soared at the weekend but have since retreated to a more fishy 16C. Olives, mayflies and damsels have been hatching. The pin head course fry are now also in abundance and the phantom midge is also evident. This larva was present in a water sample taken from 20m in the deeps off the rookery.  

The phantom midge is about 12mm long and feeds on daphnia and other small zooplankton. They migrate up and down the water column by means of air sacs (the four large kidney shapes). This migration is influenced by atmospheric pressure according to one web author. The emergent midge adults appear variously shaped I’ll try and get some pics of likely candidates…..

May Catch Data Lake of Menteith
2man day boat 8 hrs: average catch 5.6 fish for 10.1lbs;  2man  Eve boat average (5hrs) catch 3.5 fish for 6.3lbs.  27% of fish were returned. In terms of catch number this was the best result in the last 6 years but on total weight 4th best.

Catches/Comp Results
In the 5th heat of the 2010 Scottish Club Championships Sponsored by the Daily Record, Angling Centre Stirling and Famous Grouse Whisky  42 anglers landed 72 trout weighing 132lbs. Winning teams  were: 1. Grizzlecats “A” , 12 fish for 21lb 2. Strathgryfe 10 fish 16lbs 7oz  3. Kinglassie 7 fish 14lbs 8oz. These three clubs go forward to the semi final on September 17.  Daily Record Champion of Champions: 1st Steven Welsh 5 fish for 11lbs 5oz. 2nd Alan Hill 5 fish 10lbs 10oz 3rd Tom Wilson 5 fish, 4th Robert Murray 5 fish.  Steven Welsh caught all his in Sandy Bay on a midge tip line and then on dries. Heaviest fish 6lb 4oz caught by Sandy Ramsay. Full story in the Daily Record this Friday.

In the 4th heat of the Menteith Boat League (sponsored by the Angling Centre Stirling): 29 anglers weighed in 116 fish for 222lbs. Top rod Simon Littlejohn was fishing at Reedy and shear Point. With Gordon Hayward having a less successful night - Andy Boylan is the new league leader.

Club Returns: Rotary Club 16 boats 31 fish for 48lbs, Rowbank 8 boats 49 fish for 94lbs, Grangemouth AC 6 boats 18 fish 40lbs, Loanhead Miners 8 boats 15 fish 28lbs, Good Companions 7 boats 35 fish 55lbs. Denny AC 5 evening boats 8 fish 14lbs.