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Weekly Report 20th April 2010

Clarity 2.2m Water Temperature at 6ft 9C. The Lake has fished reasonably well in the high winds of last week – although it was at times challenging. The trick appeared to be not to hang out in the sheltered spots. In the calm weather there have been more spectacular rises and good fishing. Areas fishing were - practically everywhere, but singled out for mention by the anglers were; Gateside West, Rookery, Sam’s Point, Hotel Bay, Shear Point, International Bay, “Tod Holes”, Butts, Malling shore and Dog Isle.  Tactics have varied but in the bright breezy conditions many anglers have gone for intermediate lines and pulling lures. Buzzers and nymphs were the preferred option in the calmer spells.

A year has gone by …………and we have a new trout master champion - Youth Internationalist James Fairlie of Ayrshire. James won the fish off at the Lake with 5 fish weighed in for 8lbs 6oz and 10 returned. The fish fell for a cat’s whisker on a midge tip line on the Hotel Bay to Sam’s Point Drift.  We are now sprinkling in some bigger fish alongside the standard stock fish.

Club Returns:

Scottish Fire Service 14 boats 56 fish for 103 lbs, SSEB 12 boats 31 fish for 75lbs, CIBA AC 5 boats 17 fish for 32lbs 15oz, IBM 8 boats 60 fish 120lbs, Phoenix 4 boats 9 fish 17lbs, Balbeggie 8 boats 54 trout for 103lbs plus an unknown number returned, Rainbow Warriors ? boats 46 trout 129lbs 11oz and 32 returned. On Monday 19th the Pike Anglers Alliance Scotland had their outing on the Lake with deadbait and lures. It was originally scheduled for the 6th of March but cancelled due to ice cover then the rescheduled day of the 30th March was cancelled due to wind. The 19th was pleasant and they had an incredible catch of 355 jack pike (1-9lbs), 46 doubles (10-19lbs) and 6 twenties – all fish were returned. The biggest, a fish of twenty four pounds 4oz was caught by B.Robertson (Pictured above). A fair number of the fish showed extensive fighting wounds associated with the recent pike breeding season. These beautiful fish do without doubt eat trout but they are also a great asset to the Lake as they bring in revenue, control perch and roach numbers as well as mopping up any sick fish (should there be any). In the opinion of many they add a lot of excitement to the fishing at the Lake and it is great to be able to go to a popular fishery and be in with a chance of catching (and returning) this beautifully marked, (sometimes) massive and always wild fish – as well as some tasty trout. QG