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Preseason Report 23rd March 2010

Clarity 2.1m Water Temperature at 6ft 5.5C.

scott family“The best ever opening day” was the opinion of many of those present at the Lake’s opening on 20th March. Stewart Marshall was in fine form on the pipes and not only was the weather unseasonably warm and calm and the catches good, but local singer Catriona Scott (pictured left with the rest of her family – including local primary headmaster and husband David) surprised us all by opening the fishing beautifully – in song.  She wrote the song herself with the music loosely taken from a north east ballad. The words related to the fishing scene at the Lake and the opening of the fishery for a new season and included mention of her own 8lb plus catch (third form left).  We’d all like to hear this one again Catriona.

With the clement conditions and many seasoned anglers present, catches were always going to be good and 207 fish were weighed in for 438lbs with a further 258 being released. This was our best opening catch since 2005 when a fishery record huggy lands onewas set for the most caught on any day (528 fish). I spoke to a couple of anglers who had caught a lot of fish and they reckoned the overwintered percentage of the catches was around 15-20%. Top areas were Reedy Point into Hotel Bay and Shear Point and Katie’s Brae, Lochend and Tod Hole drifts.
Pictured left: Huggy gets one in, while boat partner Frank Gillespie looks on (Photo Paul Barr).

Top methods were various; “the fish were hungry and anything was working” was one quote. Others were very successful on the buzzers, while some also did very well on the white cat booby fished near the surface on a long leader. Mini lures of various descriptions also worked, and most agreed that the fish weren’t deep. There was a couple of fish taken on dry fly – just a few weeks after folk had been skating! On Monday I had reports of the midge tip working with cormorant type patterns.




douglas presentationA fine Chairman’s meal was had afterwards, and this was combined with a celebration of Douglas Fraser’s 25 years at the fishery. After Alan Simpson gave the Chairman’s views,  Fishery Director Jimmy Nairn gave an overview of Douglas’s years at the Fishery and presented him with a state of the art digital camcorder, Pictured Left (Douglas Fraser on left) . Douglas then entertained us with some of his career memories, before a few hardy soles got involved in the karaoke night.



The boat availability page is proving popular on the website and we will be updating this weekly and posting at the same time as the Fishery Report. We are still sorting out some technical problems with the card payment machine but this should be operational in the very near future. Stirling Council website reports no road closure plans for the coming week.

Finally Kevin McCabe has emailed me with details of the CHAS Fundraiser at the Lake on Saturday 15th May and entry details for this can be see by viewing the PDF below:


Below: Opening Day Fish Swirl. Photo by Colin Riach.fish swirl