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Weekly Report 27th April 2010

Clarity 2.4m Water Temperature at 6ft 10C

A873 scheduled to be closed between Blairdrummond and Thornhill from 3rd to 8th May.

Of recent buzzer fishing hasn’t been so successful – even in the calm, and anglers have had to go deeper and pull lures such as boobies, blobs, cats and goldheads to get their fish. Best areas have been International Bay, KatesBrae, Lochend, Malling and Gateside Bay (both sides). A lot of fish have been seen areas in Sandy Bay and the Heronry but they are hard to tempt. In the first of the Scottish Fly Fishing National Championship Heats, held today at the Lake, 56 anglers netted 200 fish. 129 were weighed in for 238lbs and 71 were returned. Top angler on the day was Jim Mackie (on right) of Motherwell and Dalzell AC with 10 fish for 19lbs 6oz, 2nd on the day was boat partner Martin McCafferty with 9 fish. The tactic was blobs pulled as fast as possible on sinking lines. The cut off weight for qualification of the top 50% of anglers was 5lbs 10oz.

Bellow right: Behind the scenes: Douglas Fraser lends a hand to netter Quint Glen as fish are loaded out of the lower Malling Grower Pond, prior to distribution round the Lake. This pond is almost empty and we will be starting on the Portend Pond this week. The electric netting to exclude otters and mink is just visible in the background.

Club Returns:
Monifeith (6 boats) 41 trout 86lbs, CSP 6 boats 30 trout 55lbs, 10rtd, Falkirk Fly Dressers 5 boats 38 fish 75lbs, Thack AC 6 boats 38 fish 90lbs plus 20 returned, Falkirk Municipal 9 boats 48 fish 101lbs.