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Lake of Menteith 2nd July

ROAD CLOSURES: The road at the junction in the Port of Menteith is scheduled to be closed all next week (1 to 5th JULY) from 9am to 6pm daily. Diversions during this time are via Arnprior.

Clarity 3.3m 6ft Water temperature 15C

WATER CLARITY remains high despite some windy conditions. Daphnia and jelly fry are the main obvious items on the menu but there are still significant olives and caenis around. Best areas have been Malling, East of Islands, Gateside, Shear Point and Roadshore (just about anywhere). Top tactics have been a washing line of dries (cdcs) and buzzers.

Heat 9 of the Scottish Club Championships on Saturday night again saw 14 teams in contention for the top three places to go forward to the semi finals. Drizzly rain and cold temperature around 9 p.m. put the fish down and catching became more difficult. In all the 42 anglers caught 110 trout with 58 of these being released. The ultra clear water so far this summer has biased catches in favour of the evenings. It wasn’t too many years back when a hard night might mean a catch average of less than one fish per rod, so a rod average 2.6, although harder than of recent still represents a respectable catch. 1st place went to Neilston fly fishers with a tremendous catch of 32 trout for 66 lb  11oz, miles clear of the pack.  2nd place to previous champions Balfron Piscatorials with 12 trout for 27lb 8 oz and 3rd place to Black Bull Fishing Club with 13 trout for 27 lb 3 oz.  Top five anglers qualifying for the "Champion of Champions" on Friday 11th October were:  1st Tom Burnett Neilston F.F.12 trout for 24lb 5oz, 2nd James Litster Neilston F.F. 10trout for 21lb 11oz, 3rd Brian McKenzie Neilston F.F. 10 trout 20lb  11oz.  4th Gordon Hayward Balfron Piscatorials 9 trout for 20lb  5oz. 5th place to Kenny Sichi Priory F.C. 7 trout 14lb 4oz.
Heaviest fish on the night was a rainbow of 6lb 3 oz caught by Gordon Hayward of Balfron Piscatorials. Gordon received a bottle of Famous Angler whisky from Grouse for his efforts. Bottles of Speyburn Malt Whisky by Inverhouse were awarded to  the captain of the winning team and captor of heaviest basket of trout on the night. 

In the Baynes boat league George Whyte won last Wednesday nights heat fishing at Gateside with a floating line and booby then progressing on to dries.

In the first of the two SANACC semi finals at the Lake on the 2nd July, 46 anglers landed 151 fish of which 103 were killed for 249lbs. Top Bag was Brian MacKenzie fishing cdc’s at Shear point with 9 fish, 2nd Shane Kelly (8 fish) and third Mick Tait 6 fish. Cut off weight was less than 10lbs 2.6oz.

Top tip for the Lake: The fishery supply drogues but you can use your own which should be stored in a clearly labelled bag at the Lake. The Lake will do you a good deal on drogues. Supplying your own means you know that the drogue will be set up correctly and where circumstances allow you can have a running drogue which allows you to steer by way of rope adjustment.