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Lake of Menteith 4th June - More on facebook.
Apologies for delay due to computer problems.

Clarity 3.1m and 6ft Water temperature 14 C

Clarity remains very good and temperature has climbed to 15C in the warm spell. The shallows of the South East and Lochend in particular are still hanging on to that number one hot spot. However, the whole Road Shore, Hotel Bay and Gateside Bay and the Malling End are also worth a cast.  Cycling past Kate’s Brae on Sunday night was an experience, with a gentle westerly on the water,  the thick clouds of buzzers and midge was truly phenomenal (especially if the mouth was left open). Buzzer type is 10-12mm black or 5mm green or smaller whitish.  Buzzers and dries appear still to be the anglers order of the day.

Wullie Bridges was out on the 30th May, in our new wheely-boat, during the national heat at the Lake. Wullie hooked this fish on an intermediate line with a yellow hothead damsel in Gateside Bay, whilst avoiding the competition boats in the Butts. The fish weighed in at 10lbs 8oz and was safely returned. Thanks Wullie – surely this is the Lake’s fish of the season todate. Fintastic.

Scots Angling Win on Telly
The Sky segment of the Home International is going out this Friday,  7pm Sky Sports 3. Once it has been run, you can also see it as a podcast on their website http://www1.skysports.comWell done guys and also well done Peter Auchterlonie for his second Brown Bowl win.



Scottish Club Championships
In Heat 5 of the Scottish Club Championships the 42 anglers caught 145 trout – the catch average being slightly down on last week (3.7 to 3.45). Top rod on the was Bill Barnesfrom Glenrothes,  who was fishing for Rothes Oak AC. Bill caught an amazing 15 fish and his individual total bettered all of the three man teams on the night – with the exception of the Grizzlecats who netted 15 fish for their team. Bill caught the majority of his fish in Lochend was fishing a booby on the tail with a floating line and three nymphs (buzzers, crunchers etc) higher up – absolutely static. As winning club, Rothes Oak were presented with a bottle of Speyburn Malt Whisky. Bill Barnes received a bottle of the same for being the heaviest bag and Scott Aitken received a bottle of Grouse’s Famous Angler for being the captor of the heaviest fish (6lbs 9oz).  RESULTS: 1.Rothes Oak 25 trout 51lbs 10oz, 2.Drumbowie Ac 13 trout 32lbs 12oz, 3. Grizzlecats 15 fish 31lbs 6oz. CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS; 1.Bill Barnes Rothes Oak 15fish 30lbs 7lbs 8oz, 2. Stevie Welsh Saltire AC 8 fish 16lbs, 3. Andy Boylan Grizzlecats 7 fish 14lbs 14oz, 4. Wm Winning East Kilbride 7 fish 14lbs 6oz, 5. Stevie Bett Rothes Oak 7 fish 14lbs 4oz.


In the last of the National Championship Heats on the 30th May, Jock Royan (pictured centre) was top bag (and winner of the Ridgeline Razorback soft shell jacket) with 15 fish on booby and buzzer from Hotel Bay ( on his own) on a midge tip line. 2nd top was Creg Donnelly (on right) also with 15 fish from Lochend and 3rd Paul Garner (on left) with 14 from Chapel Bay and Lochend. In all the 56 competitors killed 151 fish and returned 208, giving a catch average of 6.4 fish. More info at  http://www.sanacc.org.uk/2013_heats.html



In the fourth night of the Boat League – sponsored by Baynes’ Tackle Callander. The night before the national heat 23 anglers were out in the Boat League and caught 111 fish. In first place was Ken Oliver with 11 fish, 2nd James Fairlie 11 fish and 3rd George whyte 10 fish.  All top three rods were fishing buzzers at Lochend.