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Lake of Menteith 11th June - More on facebook.
Clarity 3.2m 6ft Water temperature 16C.

The exceptional clarity continues and water temperature has dropped back down to 16c at 6ft with a return to slightly cooler temperatures.  We had a wee bit of floating weed last week at the Lake – an unusual and interesting phenomena but not significant enough to be a problem to the anglers who had great sport with rises at Lochend and deeper in the cages. Good clarity can apparently cause an increase in the growth of this filamentous algae, as more light gets through to where it resides – at the bottom in shallow areas. The weed is carried to the surface by the bubbles of oxygen produced by photosynthesis (as the water heats up the oxygen comes out of the water).  Dries were the top tactic in recent days when weather permitted and there has been some big hatches of mayfly, sedges, chironomids (buzzers and caenis). The daphnia is out in force and this is usually followed by the pinhead coarse fry. Successful tactics in the cages have been a little deeper, at the burnmouth end.  Our first early morning session is this weekend and there are plenty of boats left. Recent early mornings have been fantastic. This was the fly fishy scene between the islands last Saturday at about 6am.






















Scottish Club Championships
Sat night saw 13 teams compete in Heat 6. After a very hot day conditions changed and a blustery south wind got up. Most of the boats were headed to Gravel Bank, Lochend Bay, Tods Hole and Bogle Knowe.  By 9.00 p.m. the wind fell away, conditions improved and fish were seen rising. Alba Orvis "B" were heat winners with 32 trout for 66lb 4oz (pictured right)  2nd place to Menteith Ospreys "B" with 29 trout for 58lb  4 oz  3rd place to Canmore AC (Forfar) with 13 trout for 26lb  5oz. These teams progress to the  semi final on 16th Aug.
Top 5 anglers on night and qualifying for Champion of Champions were: 1st  Paul Garner  (right, centre) Alba Orvis F.F. 12 trout  24lb 9 oz, 2nd George Whyte Menteith Ospreys 12 trout 24lb 1oz, 3rd Gregor Fleming Alba Orvis (pictured right on left) F.F.  10 trout 21lb 1 oz, 4th David Bonnington (pictured righton right) Alba Orvis F.F. 10 trout 20lb 10 oz and 5th Ronnie Gilbert Menteith Ospreys 9 trout for 20 lb 6 oz. Heaviest fish on night was rainbow of 5lb  6oz caught by Ronnie Gilbert of Menteith Ospreys .  Total catch by the 39 anglers was 124 trout with 73 of these released. The captain of winning team and the captor of heaviest basket were awarded bottles of Speyburn Highland Malt whisky courtesy of Inverhouse.  The captor of heaviest fish on the night received a bottle of Famous Angler by Grouse.  Paul Garner’s top tactics were using the washing line at Lochend. His top buzzer was a size 12 olive.













Some nice perch on the go in recent weeks. Gregor Fleming sent me this photo labelled 2 ½ lb perch (they are heavy boned) and Derek Keenan pasted this roach onto his facebook.



















In the Anglian Water Scottish Day on Monday Heat Change A FF (above; l to r Jim Crawford, Andy Dunn, Jock Kettles, Kevin McCabe, Carl Nixon and Willie Leach) were top team with 46 fish, second were Thalassa AC Derek Pozzi, Stevie Nicol, Derek Purves, Stuart Malcolmson, Agnes Thomas and Martin Williams with 39 fish. In 3rd place and also qualifying on fish caught were Grizzlecats (Peter Edge, Davie Paterson, Ian Muir, Graham Steele, Fraser Cuthert and John Morton. The rod average for the day was heat was 5.4 and most of the Change action appeared to be in Gateside Bay.  Shane Kelly was top bag with 12 fish.

In the Anglian Water Evening Heat the rod average fell to 3.44 and top team on the night was Saltire Flyfishers (Gus Shepard, David McAllister, Laurie Taylor, Billy Foster, Derek Keenan and Robbie Baldi). In second place were Menteith Ospreys (Peter Auchterlonie, Campbell Morgan, Wullie Simpson, George whyte, Ronnie Gilbert and James Fairlie). The top bag on the night was Gus Shepard with 10 fish who was fishing dries at Lochend.

In the fifth night of the Boat League – sponsored by Baynes’ Tackle Callander, the 23 anglers landed 119 trout. Top rod was Alan MacLachlan with 12 fish. In second place was James Fairlie on 10 and George Whyte was 3rd with 9. Most of the action was dries at Lochend.


Left Stewart Marshall sent me this one of Paul Garner and James Kerr (with the fish) during a recent SANACC Heat.