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Lake of Menteith 15th Jan 2013

Close Season Blog

Here are some pictures of the building extension. The joiner and builder (Bobby Cameron and Duncan Kinloch) have done a great job! The first picture is an artist’s impression by 3dquin of the architects design. Below is the actual outcome so far, and overleaf, a close up of the big doorway which makes a great picture frame of the Lake. The main deviation is the roof which we kept traditional and saved a lot of money over the metal sheeting.



























The painter Andy Rae and sparky Stewart Hollington are busy at the moment and the stair up to the attic has commenced. The big 4.1m high glass panelled doors are very impressive and they will be hung in the next day ore so.  The door design gave us a lot of headaches to begin with, until an engineer came up with the idea of folding doors which overcome the fear of these large objects batting an angler into the Lake or worse – in windy conditions. The new workshop at the end, allows the old workshop to be converted into a permit office/shop and kitchen to serve the snack bar/café. The entrance way has an offset area for weighing-in and hanging out with a snack bar sales hatch. There is still a lot of work still to be done, but we hope you like the new space as much as we do.

Events and Tariffs for 2013 have been posted up on the website. You will see we have another busy season ahead – especially September! We have continued with our objective of pricing according to fish removal and have kept the catch and release ticket at the same price and introduced a new 4 fish take option.

Kirk and School Day was a great success on the first Sunday in November.  All proceeds went to the local Kirk and School, and the day was a great success with a record total of £2419 was raised. Letters have been received from both parties thanking the fishery and the anglers for their generosity and the fun. This end of season party just keeps getting better and was helped by some fantastic singing from the kids as well as some memorable input from the grown ups!

With all the figures in for the year, analysis shows that catches at the Lake have continued to increase in terms of average fish number and average weight for the whole year. The average two angler boat fishing an 8 hour day broke the 6 fish barrier for the first time, with a potential bag weight of 16.2lbs (another new record) for 6 fish. Of these, on average, 2.5 fish were released and 3.5 kept for the table. The average weight of the fish caught in 2012 also reached a new high of 2lbs 11oz – a function of; another mild winter, longer on-growing phase due to reduced fish requirement and greater space in the restocking ponds. Catch and release increased from 36% to 42%. Difficult to measure was the fine condition of the fish – a result of the above factors also.

The season finished off well with more fish than usual being stocked in October and at a good size (2.75lbs). It is hoped that fish of this size will largely avoid cormorant predation, and give good numbers of overwintered fish in the spring. As is usual for the back end – a number of bigger trout were caught in the weight range 6-10lbs, but Mr Hutchison of Thack AC recorded the largest at 17lb in the catch sheet on the 16th October. To prevent the big fish being fished out, no access was allowed at the end of the season into the exclusion area at Gateside Bay.

Pike fishing had another fine autumn with 202 pike caught in total by the 60 lure only anglers on the 3rd Nov. This included one fish at 31lb, one “twenty- thirty” class fish, seven doubles and 193 of 10lbs or less. On the bait and lure day there was one at 30lbs 5oz, six in the “twenty to thirty” range, 29 doubles and 220 at 10lbs or less (any photos guys?).

The Lake opens on the 23rd of March and we will be keeping you all posted with building progress reports.