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Lake of Menteith 19th August

Secchi Disk Clarity 2.4m 6ft Water temperature 15C

George Whyte from Muthil is 2013 BAYNES AND MENTEITH BOAT LEAGUE CHAMPION. Plumbing and heating engineer (and farm hand for his Dad) George ground out his win over fifteen heats of the boat league in the most closely contested league ever at the Lake.  George is pictured left with boat league sponsor and tackle shop owner Roger Drapper of Baynes fishing tackle Callander. Champ George carried off the trophy, £500cash  and a £100 tackle voucher. George also gets to nominate the residual registration fee of £137 to his favourite cause The Muthil Preschool. George’s top 9 finishes out of a possible 15 (he missed two nights) included three 1st places, three 2nd places, two 3rd places and a 5th placing; giving him a total of 20 points. George paid tribute to his fellow leaguers, describing it as the most sociable and friendly competition around - probably due to the mandatory rotation of boat partners. The secret of his success? Early adoption of more successful tactics........Second place was a three way tie between Ken Oliver, James Fairlie and Alan Machlachlan - all of whom received £50. Full results are available on the website at www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk/menteith-fisheries.co.uk/boatleague2010.html. 1170 fish were caught on the 15 nights. As the anglers had different boat partners every night, the Alan Ronald Memorial Trophy was awarded to Davie Stewart from the Port. David succeeded in catching the fewest trout over his best 9 night (usual boat partner roger was disqualified due to his involvement in prize sponsorship ). David (to be fair he was always late due to work) wins a £25 tackle voucher, a voucher for dinner for two at the Lake Hotel and a free boat at the Lake. In all Baynes of Callander sponsorship was £525 worth of tackle vouchers, whilst the Lake donated £450 (cash, buffet and prizes) whilst competitors registration fees drew in £540 all of which was given out in prize money.
On the final night of the boat league Keir Hardie was first with 13 fish, 2nd was George Whyte with 12 and 3rd Alan MacLachlan with 10. Keir was fishing a floating line, diawl bachs or dries (black knat) in the vivinity of stable Point. George was fishing in Gateside with two black and red buzzers, held up by a candy booby. The 19 anglers netted 76 fish.

Evening fishing is now finished at the Lake. In the last week the above tactics have predominated with the areas fishing ranging from the Malling shore (up to 100m out) round past stable point and the cages to the rookery. Fast glass and a two boobies was also good. With water temperature now back down to 15 the Road shore drifts may start to hold fish - if the wind allows. The average weight of the fish weighed in by the clubs has been 2lb8oz to 2lb 12oz. Notable catches. Lothian and Borders Police 15 boats 111fish for 284 plus 53 returned, Ellen 8 boats 35 fish for 95lbs, West of Scotland 12 boats 45 fish 113lbs, TAC 7 boats 40 fish 107lbs, ECSAC/Pentland 6 boats 40 fish for 123lbs plus 16rtd, Thack Ac 6 boats 24 fish 60lbs plus 36 rtd, Bohemian AC 4 boat 18 fish 44lbs plus 15rtd, SharpGentles 10 boats 50 fish 125lbs, Leslie Llanllar 5 boats 16 trout46lbs plus 30rtd, grizzlecats 8 boats 27 fish 74lbs plus 62 rtd.
This week top tip: Loop your line round something if "leaving your rod unattended", as the fish are making off with rod and reel. Last week two anglers fell victim to this (“mon the fish”) theft. Keep your eyes peeled - there may even be a reward. Was talking about drogue use on the beach the other day andit was pointed out that the drogue instructions suggest a "cool iron". One day not only will we have your boats bailed but your drogues will be freshly ironed and neatly folded zzzzzzzzzz  Quint