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Lake Fishing Report 25/8/15
Clarity 2m 6ft water temperature 17C

Some strong east winds made the fishing a little hard on Sunday (eg Aberdour 8 boats 26 fish for 53lbs) but on Monday (24/8) catches were better in the lighter winds (e.g. Scottish Police East 16 boats 101 fish of average weight 2lbs. Best areas on Monday were apparently the Road Shore, Katies and Lochend although I am told Sam’s Point also has a good head of fish. All the fish (1001 fish) for the week were stocked (cracking fish btw) yesterday (24/8).

Scottish club championships 21st Aug -  1st semi final. Report by Kenny Miller.
21 teams were competing (including 5 previous winners) for a place in the final on Friday 25th September.   Conditions were good with the Lake having been fishing well, and most anglers were in good spirit.  Overnight rain had a tendency to put the trout down, and few at this time were showing on the surface.  The boats headed out at 10 am with most going westwards towards Malling shore, Gateside bay (cages) Heronry, Plantation and Sandy bay, although several boats went to International bay, Kates Brae, Gravel Bank and Lochend.   Apart from a torrential downpour for five minutes, conditions stayed good and as the temperature rose, fish began to show on the surface. Stable Point into Gateside Bay saw many boats drifting close to the shallow marker buoy.  At end on the match 265 trout had been caught with 156 being released. Competition is fished on a 2 fish kill, then anglers are on catch and release, with an average weight of 2 lbs being allocated to each netted and released trout.  Top team on the day were current trophy holders Menteith Ospreys team of George Whyte, Peter Auchterlonie, and Ronnie Gilbert (ass above) with 25 trout for a total weight of 50lb 9oz. The other 9 qualifiers were:-   2nd place Change FF "A" with 24 fish for 47lb 1oz, 3rd place St. Boswells and Newtown AC with 20 trout for 42lb 7oz, 4th place Neilston FF (20 trout), 5th place Rainbow Warriors (18 trout), 6th place Lintrathen FF (17 trout), 7th place Alba FF "A" , 8th place Rowbank AC, 9th place to Alba FF "B" 10th place Kinross AC.   Best basket on the day fell to Angus Armour (Gus) of Neilston FF with 14 trout (12 being released) for 28lb 5oz.  

Gus caught his fish from the Malling Burn to Stable Pt and in Gateside Bay – the tactic; slow to static buzzer.

Scottish Youth National (1st Leg)
26 youngsters competed in this event on Saturday 22nd August, catching 70 fish in all. Leading the pack after the first of the two heats (to qualify for the National Team) are Cameron Smith (8 fish), Jordan Queen (8 fish) and Zach Neufield from Gartmore with 6 fish. Robert Fyfe, boatman W.Anderson and Jordan Queen are pictured having fun at Lochend.