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Lake of Menteith Report 26/07/16
6ft Water Temperature   17C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.8m.
Last week’s heat wave raised water temperatures sufficiently to make things a little harder than usual at the Lake but thankfully normal summer weather over the past few days is speedily reducing temperatures to a happier value for the fish and the bows are again staying further up in the water column.

Best areas reported recently have been in the western drifts of Arnmach Point, Sandy Bay, the Islands, Heronry, Malling Shore and Stable Point. In the warmer conditions it looks like going a bit deeper with a booby was the answer on the Road Shore. On Saturday night Kenny Whitehead of Cove and Kilcreggan AC had the best bag with 10 fish taken from the gravel pit area where he was fishing a cat booby and cormorants on a slow glass line. More 2-3lb fish going in this week.

Brad Chalmers took this photo of a sedge hatch during his Friday night out at the Lake.

Scottish Club Championships Report by Kenny Miller

Heat 12 saw 13 teams (39 anglers) competing.   Conditions were good with a westerly wind, although few trout were showing on the surface.  Again there was the usual split of the boats, west to Malling Shore drifting to Dog Isle or Plantation, and the drift on to Stable Point. Arnmach Point in the gap saw several boats, where some trout had started to surface feed. Anglers also headed to International Bay, Kates Brae and Gravel Bank. By end of session at 10.30pm, 80 trout had been caught with 33 being released for a total weight of 171lb 12oz.  Top team on the night were the young guns of Future Fly Fishers "B"  team Calum Stephen, Stuart McLean and Stephen McVean who caught 15 trout for 32lb 13oz. Runners- up were Cove & Kilcreggan AC trio of Kenny Whitehead, Alan Kier and Bob Currie with 12 trout for 22lb 15 oz.  Third place to Balbeggie AC with 8 trout for 18lb 8oz. These teams to the semi final on 26th August.  Top five anglers qualifying for the Champion of Champions on Friday 7th October were Kenny Whitehead, Cove & Kilcreggan with 10 trout for 19lb 3oz,  2nd  Mark Stephen Neilston "B" with 7 trout for 14lb  6oz,  3rd  Calum Stephen, Future "B" with 6 trout for 12lb  11oz, 4th  Keith Doig,  Balbeggie with 5 trout for 12lb 6oz  5th place  Stuart McLean,   Future "B" with 6 trout for 12lb 0.5oz.   
Heaviest trout on the night weighed in at 3lb 6.2oz caught by Balbeggie AC angler Keith Doig.
Team captains from winning team, runners up and captors of best catch and heaviest trout, all received commemorative Lake of Menteith anniversary  bottles of whisky and beer.   Neilston FF "B" were in 4th place and will go into the draw for the last place in the semi finals.  Thanks to the anglers for the £39 collected for Cancer Research/Yorkhill Sick Childrens Hospital.