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Lake of Menteith Report
Lake of Menteith Report 28/06/16
6ft Water Temperature   16C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.9m.

If anyone had any doubt about the effect of wind on the fish stocks in the lake, the lastest shift of hotspot may be useful. The past many weeks with predominant easterlies had the biggest congregation of fish on the road shore. As soon as the wind changed to the west (and stayed there) the fish immediately swum upwind and now it is the western drifts (Malling, Stable Point and Gateside) that are apparently holding the fish. This is where the boats went on Saturday night and also where they headed today at the start of the SANACC National Championship Semi-Final.





Left: Looking North from Lochend by Mike Middlemas from Crieff.

Scottish Club Championship Heat 8 25th June
The forecast was for light winds with drizzly rain. Several boats headed south to road shore with majority heading west to heronry, sandy bay, plantation and malling shore.  With the light wind conditions, anglers were using dry fly casts, or washing line techniques of 2 buzzers, nymphs, snatchers/crunchers being held high in the water with a FAB or booby. 15 teams competed and by the end of the night 114 trout had been caught with 42 being released giving a rod average of 2.5 for the evening. It appeared that 2 teams were neck and neck having caught the same number of trout, but Luggiebank Fly Dressers trio of Jim Twaddle, Gary McGinlay and David Bowie (see photo) and were winners with 13 trout for 28lb 13oz.  Also with 13 trout for 27lb 5oz were runners up team Dunfermline Artisans.  Third place fell to Kelso AA with 11 trout for 23lb  6oz. These teams to semi final 26th August at Lake of Menteith.   Commiserations to Strathy AC also with 11 trout for 23lb 3oz. (This team will go into a draw for the last team place in the semi finals).Top 6 rods on the night qualifying for the Champion of Champions on Friday 7th October at Lake were: Jim Hay,  Dunfermline Artisans with 9 trout for 19lb 2.1 oz,  Garry McGinlay, Luggiebank Fly Dressers with 7 trout for 14lb 9oz, Barry Lennon Strathy AC with 6 trout for 11lb 7.8oz,  Mick Tait, Kelso AA with 5 trout for 11.lb 2.7oz,  Ronnie Glass, Kelso AA and Ray Harrison SPRA (East) both with 5 trout for 10lb 3oz.  Heaviest trout on the night was a cracking rainbow weighing in at 5lb 0.3oz caught by Strathy angler Kenny Houston. Team Captains of winning team, runner up team, captor of best bag of trout and heaviest fish, all received engraved bottles and bottles of Menteith-Fisheries Beer,  marking the 50th anniversary of Lake of Menteith Fishery. KM


2016 Boat League Results
Heat number 8 on 22nd June, was another good night for catching and the 26 anglers caught 138 fish averaging 5.2 fish per rod.Brian Mckenzie was top rod again with a respectable 14 fish caught on dries. 2nd was Peter Cameron with 10 fish catching his first fish at 6:20 to put him ahead of Bill Ramage who also caught 10 fish but caught his fish 15 minutes later at 6:35. Gravel pit to Lochend and the Gap and stable point were the best areas. Dries and White cats whiskers and floating lines did the biz and this week's prize winners were Alec Galloway, who got the £25 voucher from James Bayne tackle shop, Peter Cameron got the bottle of Whisky from Andy Smith of Southside decorating, and Bill Ramage who chose the T-shirt from the Lake of Menteith range of Merchandise.