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Lake of Menteith 19th Aug 2014
6ft Water Temperature 15C, Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.1m.

Water temperatures are starting to decline rapidly now along with our daylight. We were quite green for a while last week as a result of the calm weather but this weekend’s wind improved clarity markedly. The first Scottish Club Semi Finals take place this Friday and stocking for the week took place yesterday with a further and final stock of 450 planned for tomorrow. Areas fishing have been Gateside, Malling Shore, International Bay and the Roadshore. Cooler temperatures mean the stockies are happier where they are put – i.e. all over. Tactics have varied from dries(generally at the western end), to midge tip washing lines and heavier lines with floating flies. A bigger variation in stockies at the moment with some pods averaging about 1lb 10oz with other pods of average weight 2lbs 10oz.

Notable catches Grizzlecats 8 boats 124 fish of which 102 were returned, Leslie Llanilar 5 boats 31 fish (14 weighed in for 40lbs), Sharpes Gentles 10 boats 35 fish for 90lbs plus 12 rtd, Thack AC 6 boats 24 fish 37lbs and 17 rtd. Ian Wilson Cupar 10 fish 25lbs.

Baynes Tackle and Glen Garioch Boat League Results 2014
WELL DONE KEIR HARDIE. Keir won £500 cash and a £100 voucher from Baynes of Callander plus a bottle of Glen Garioch. 2nd placed Andy Kemp won £100 cash and a £75 Baynes' gift voucher and 3rd place Bill Ramage walked off with £50 cash and a £50 Baynes gift voucher. WELL DONE ALL THE PARTICIPANTS and a huge thank you to Baynes Tackle of Callander and Morrison Bowmore for supplying the many prizes. Alec Galloway won the Alan Ronald Trophy for being the best newcomer. In all the anglers landed 1314 fish and the value of the prizes was around £2000 (£600 worth of Baynes Tackle vouchers, 16 bottles of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky from Scotlands most eastern distillery, £720 angler’s registration fees, £280 from the Lake of Menteith Fisheries), including the £350 allocated for charitable donation. Keir chose to give this element to Cancer Research – a cheque is on its way. A minutes silence was held in memory of boat leaguer Gordon MacGregor.
Joiner Keir Hardie (41) from Hamilton said he learnt alot last year - especially how to handle hot conditions with boobies and dabblers (size 10). If two boobies (candy and cats) on a fast sinker were not working, he would swap them out for three dabblers (black yellow and orange). His deep retreive at Gateside was to count to 60 then figure eight back. When fish started to move up he generally changed to a midge tip with snatchers and diawls. On the last night Ken Oliver had one of, if not the best bag of the whole competition, with 21 fish. Ken was fishing a midge tip washing line with boobies at either end, and two diawls in the middle, at the Burn mouth in Gateside.  Thanks to all for another great year and we are now accepting reservations for the 2015 BOAT LEAGUE. Don't be two downhearted if you finished some way down the table - next year we intend to help the flow of skills from the haves to the have knots, by instigating a random partner draw procedure. On arrival you put your name into a hat - with partners being selected by draw. Guests will be allowed, but must go into the boat partner draw on the night. Any other ideas or if you want to join please let us know before next spring. QG